DCD Position Statement Protocol

About DCD position statements or white papers

  • DCD members are encouraged to establish position statements to enhance our field.  Complete the proposal form to begin the process.
  • DCD members, along with DCD Executive Board members or Constituent Chairs, work as a committee when creating a position statement.
  • The design/writing committee submits the proposed topic and timeline in detail to the DCD Executive Board (President and President Elect) for approval to determine the appropriateness of the topic, the make-up of the committee members, and if it reflects the current DCD mission beliefs.
  • Acceptance of the proposed Position Statement will be sent to the lead member(s) of the design/writing committee within an established number of days/weeks.
  • The writing committee is expected to submit its paper to the DCD executive board for approval in keeping with the proposed timeline.
  • The DCD Board will review the submission, check that it meets the DCD criteria, and suggest any edits. An email of acceptance will be sent to the writing committee lead contact person within an established number of days.
  • Distribution is encouraged to DCD members and all interested stakeholders.
  • All DCD Position Statements will be posted on the CEC DCD website.
  • All Position Statements are expected to be reviewed annually by the original Design/Writing Committee.
  • Positional Statements are good for 5 years. On the 4th year prior to the scheduled retirement/removal of the position statement, the relevant Constituent Chair will begin the review process and make are commendation to the board before the 5-year limit is met to either reauthorize, edit, or retire the position statement.
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