Collaborative Community Resources

The Collaborative Community Resources page is designed with you, the professional working with students who are deaf or hard of hearing, in mind. Experts in the field provide a variety of resources based on different communication philosophies in a collaborative effort. Use the links to find what you need to support your educational efforts.

Central Institute for the Deaf (CID)

CID logo

CID, Central Institute for the Deaf, is a school where children from birth to age 12 who are deaf and hard of hearing learn to listen, talk, read, and succeed. The CID Emerson Center Professional Development provides support for professional working with children with hearing loss through the use of online courses, educational products, workshops, guided observations, and consulting. Learn more about CID.  

Contact Information:
Center for Hearing and Communication
825 South Taylor Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 977-0132 (Voice)
(314) 977-0023 (Fax)

Clerc Center

Clerc Logo

While providing an exemplary education to the students attending Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (KDES) and the Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD), the Clerc Center works in partnership with a network of programs and schools throughout the nation to identify and share best practices in the field. This partnership is the cornerstone for activities designed to have national impact. Its goal is the provision of quality educational opportunities to all students, with emphasis on students who are lower achieving academically, who come from families that speak a language other than English in the home, who have additional disabilities, who are members of diverse racial or cultural groups, or who live in rural areas. The Clerc Center publishes and disseminates materials and information, establishes and publicizes its research priorities through a process allowing for public input, and provides training and technical assistance to families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing and the professionals who work with them. Learn more about Gallaudet University Laurent Clerc Center.

Contact Information:
Gallaudet University
800 Florida Avenue, NE
Washington DC 20002-3695
(202) 651-5855(Voice/TTY)

National Center on Deaf-Blindness


As a national technical assistance center funded by the federal Department of Education, NCDB works to improve the quality of life for children who are deaf-blind and their families by:

  • Creating visibility and direction for identified priorities through a range of practices, activities, supports and partnerships.
  • Identifying and encouraging new innovations in local, state, and national practice and policy.
  • Promoting opportunity for reflection, debate, and constructive dialogue around ideas and developing practice.
  • Maintaining a rich repository of content, history, and knowledge, easily available and shared by all who are part of the community of deaf-blindness.

Contact Information:
National Center on Deaf-Blindness
345 N. Monmouth Ave.
Monmouth, OR 97361
(503) 838-8754 (Voice)
(503) 838-8150 (Fax)

Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss

Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss is a resource and information website designed primarily to meet the needs of teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing without communication method bias. Our mission is to improve the futures of children with hearing loss via information, carefully selected products, and professional development opportunities. Sign up for our free topical Bimonthly Updates or visit our extensive resource pages. Learn more about Supporting Success.

Contact Information:
Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss
12094 Anderson Rd, Suite 347
Tampa, FL 33625

Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children

 Founded in 1947 by John and Dela White, Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children is a private, non-profit school for children with hearing loss, as well as for children with typical hearing. A listening and spoken language school, we offer stimulating educational programs with an excellent clinical and teaching staff and state-of-the-art technology. Our professional staff includes certified audiologists, speech language pathologists and several LSLS Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist/Educators.  Learn more about Sunshine Cottage.

Contact Information:
Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children
603 E. Hildebrand Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78212

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