Committee on Speech and Language Learning Disabilities

Chair: Chris Ross

ross.181 {at}

What is the Committee on Speech and Language/Learning Disabilities in Children and Youth, and how does it relate to the overall Division?

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The primary purpose of DCD is to promote the welfare, development, and education of infants, toddlers, children and youth with communicative disabilities or who are deaf or hard of hearing. The Committee on Speech and Language Learning Disabilities in Children supports this work through its focus on the language, literacy, and learning needs of children across the age span who have speech, language, and learning disabilities.

How Can I Become Involved?

DCD constituents are invited to serve on this committee and participate in the committee’s activities. If you are interested in becoming an active member of the committee, please contact Chris Ross (ross.181 {at}

Committee Responsibilities

  • Provide recommendations for and prepare information to be included in the Division’s publications and programs
  • Assist with the program for the annual CEC convention and other DCD professional development activities
  • Help to develop and implement an annual plan of activities related to speech, language, literacy, and learning

Where Can I Get More Information?

For More Information Please Contact:

Chair: Chris Ross

ross.181 {at}

Some Posted Message Titles:

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  • Department of Education Issues Guidance on Access to Services and Providers for Children with ASD by Diane Paul
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  • Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Young Children: Call for Action by Diane Paul
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  • Basic Concepts Seem so Basic, But They are Not by Froma Roth
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  • Re-Evaluations for Speech & Language Disorders by Diane Paul
  • The Complexity of Complex Sentences: It Makes my Head Hurt by Froma Roth
  • Oral Reading Fluency in School-Age Children Who Stutter by Diane Paul
  • National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities (NJCLD) by Diane Paul
  • CEC-DCDD Webinars: Writing to Build Language & Communication + Using Writing to Build Language & Communication by Diane Paul
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